Terms of Service

Trinitas Flughafen Transfer is conducting its services in accordance with the following general standard terms and conditions, description of services and pricelists. Deviating terms and conditions do not apply, even if Trinitas is not in direct contradiction. Deviations of these conditions need the explicit written acknowledgement of Trinitas. A contract is only valid if confirmed by Trinitas.

Scope of services

The scope of services is exclusively determined in accordance with the written order confirmation by Trinitas or subsidiary after the written offer from Trinitas. Information included in brochures, service catalogues, pricelists and similar documents is only binding insofar as reference is made explicitly. Transport is conducted according to the rules and regulations of the StVO and the PbefG. Customers have to adhere to the instructions of Trinitas or the drivers. Should customers act against the instructions, or pose a threat in accordance with the StVO to the safety of the traffic through distracting or impairing the driver, Trinitas is permitted to exclude them from transport. Should this be the case, Trinitas will charge the full fare including the fixed price or price per kilometre plus all additional and special services.

Pick up from the airport (Airport transfer)

Trinitas must be informed about any changes in the arranged pick up time immediately, regardless of the reason. Damage(s) arising from the delay of any such message are at the expense of the customer. The Trinitas driver will be waiting at the previously arranged time at the respective meeting point, carrying either a sign with the customer’s name or the company logo (earlier or later provision is to be arranged when booking), and will be waiting for 45 minutes without incurring additional charges. A phone number for the guest to use to get hold of the driver is included in the letter of booking confirmation. Should there be no success in contacting either the driver or the customer after 45 minutes, the driver will return to Vienna without the customer. The service agreement will still be valid and the full fare will be charged. Additional waiting time as desired by the customer will be calculated according to the current price list.


Prices include VAT and areset and regulated by law. Prices are valid on the day of booking. All-inclusive prices not included in the price list can only be arranged in writing and are only valid for the agreed date of travel and time of travel. Additional times and distances will be calculated according to the current price list. Additional costs incurred through delay will be charged to the customer, unless the delays are fault of Trinitas or its drivers. The fare includes the transport of people with a normal amount of luggage, the transport of extra large or otherwise difficult luggage needs previous special arrangement.

Conditions of payment

Trinitas reserves the right to demand a pre-payment of up to 50% of the total value before the start of service, or before accepting an order of a blank cheque or a valid credit card made payable to Trinitas. Outstanding payments are due according to the period of time stated in the invoice received. Promptness of payment is depending on receipt of the amount for the unreserved use of Trinitas. Regarding payments by cheque, the demand for satisfying payment is only met after receipt of the full amount. If the customer is falling behind in payments, Trinitas will charge, - subject to the enforcement of damages caused by additional delayed performance – interest in the region of 5% above the basic interest rate. From the second reminder onwards, 10% dunning charge will be billed. Rights to demonstrate damage(s) to a lesser degree are reserved to the customer.

Cancellations and withdrawals

Cancellations are only valid when submitted in written form, or when requested orally, confirmed by Trinitas in written form. Promptness of written cancellations is subject to the approach to Trinitas. Cancellations for up to 24 hours before the arranged start of the journey are free of charge. However, Trinitas will charge a percentage of the basic transport costs for all other cancellations as compensation. These percentages are:

  • 50% for cancellations for up to 12hours
  • 80% for cancellations for up to 3 hours before the contractually agreed start of service
  • 100% for later cancellations as well as non use of the service

Trinitas will charge any extra expenditure independent of the promptness of the cancellation if they have already incurred. The right to demonstrate that Trinitas has experienced little or no damage(s). is reserved to the customer. Trinitas reserves the right to resign from the contract, either fully or partially, if the customer stops payment, is declaring insolvency, or whether it can be assumed, due to external circumstances, that the service has been requested in an improper manner, or the costumer is in violation of the above terms of contract.

Responsibilities and liability of the customer

The customer is to inform Trinitas immediately about any change in name, invoice address, legal status and bank details. The customer is also obliged to provide the necessary information regarding number of people using the service, time and place of service. Should the customer omit to contact Trinitas immediately, he or she is liable for any damage(s) that could have been avoided had the notification been instant. The customer is also obliging not to use the services on Trinitas in an improper manner, such as:

  • Disrupting or hindering the conduction of services
  • Causing any damage(s)
  • Acting against the law
  • Disregarding the non smoking policy
  • Refusal to pay the price of the journey

If a customer is in violation of the above mentioned duties, Trinitas reserves the right to take all measures necessary to halt the improper use of the service. If the violation is the fault of the customer, the customer is liable to pay Trinitas for compensation.

Liability of Trinitas

Trinitas is only liable for compensation of the customer – regardless of the reason – for intent or gross negligence as well as being guilty of violation of essential conditions of the contract of Trinitas and its deputes and agents by law. Liability for damage(s) to life, body or health is in accordance with law enforced regulations. Trinitas’s liability for damage to property is limited to 1000 Euro per service user. The vehicles are covered by liability insurance according to the respectively valid general insurance conditions.
Additional insurance services required are the responsibility of the customer. Trinitas is not liable for any missed appointments by the customer and any financial consequences arising. This includes, for example, delays and disruptions caused by:

  • Traffic jams, road closures
  • Car accidents or traffic accidents
  • Bad weather conditions

Trinitas is not liable for damage(s) incurred by incorrect transmission of information by the customer.

Law applied and jurisdiction

Austrian law will be applied exclusively to all legal relationships between Trinitas and its customers. Vienna is hereby the jurisdiction and place of execution.
Partial voidness: Should one or more of the conditions above be void, the other condition remain untouched by the voidness. Void conditions are replaced by legal regulations.