What is good to knew before flight?

How much earlier do I have to be at the airport?

Many of our customers often ask us when they should be at the airport because they are afraid to miss the flight.

This fear is very justified and what could be worse than to miss the flight from the long-awaited vacation or an important business trip. We always advise our customers to plan a little more time, as it can always come as a surprise to traffic jams or other time delays. Unfortunately, some of our clients had to run to their gate to avoid missing the flight. The best way to start each trip is with a reliable airport taxi. Afterwards you can have a coffee in one of the numerous cafes at the airport and maybe even get to know interesting people - of course, this is only possible if you have enough time. 

Vienna Airport recommends:

• 2 hours for flights up to 6 hours flight time
• 3 hours for flights over 6 hours flight time
Further information about the departure process can be found here.

How can I check in at the airport?

1. At the counter of the airline

  • Check first at which airline you have to check in (Terminal 1, Terminal 1A, Terminal 3)
  • Once you have found your check-in counter at the right terminal, you will give the staff your luggage and airline ticket and receive your baggage section and boarding pass
  • Then you go to the passport and boarding pass control and then look for your gate

2. Online check-in
Many do their check-in, if possible, online from home. After checking in you print your boarding pass and show it to the staff during passport and boarding pass control. The luggage has to be delivered at another counter.

3. At the self-check-in counter
It is also possible to check in with a Miles & More or credit card, by scanning your passport, your booking code or your last name at one of the self-check-in machines. With this variant you simply have to follow the instructions of the machine. If you have more than just hand luggage with you, the machine will show you at which counter you have to give up your luggage. Finally, you will also receive your boarding pass and luggage sections.

What happens shortly before departure?
After completing the check-in, you must go to the security checkpoint. Here you and your luggage are checked. You must be aware that you have to drop metal objects. In addition, you must know that you allowed to carry liquids in 1 liter plastic bag and in max. 100ml containers. At the security checkpoint, you will need to show your boarding pass and passport.

What should you check in any case before starting the trip?

Before you go on the journey you should ask yourself some questions:

  • Do I have a valid plane ticket?
  • Is my passport still valid?
  • How heavy is the luggage?
  • Is my baggage bearing my name and address?
  • Have I been informed about the costs of my airline with bulky goods?
  • Do I have any valuable items? (These should be kept together with the travel documents in your hand luggage)
  • Only one piece of hand luggage may be taken on board.